Tips for winning Swagbucks

# 1. Get your frends to sign up through your Referral Link.

SwagBucks believes in the marketing strategy of referrals and they will reward members who can get other people to sign-up. A referral is the term coined for people that have been brought to SwagBucks through our invites. Once you get referrals, encourage your them to use the SwagBucks Search Engine regularly because for each SwagBucks that your they will win from searching, you will receive the same amount of SwagBucks. For instance, if friend A earns 12 SwagBucks and friend B earns 7 SwagBucks, you get a total of 19 SwagBucks from your referrals. Winnings from searches usually range from 5 to 20 SwagBucks, and a regular user can usually win atleast 3 times in a day.

Considering those numbers, if you have atleast 10 active referrals, their day-to-day winnings can earn you 50 – 300 easy SwagBucks!

2. Find SwagBucks Codes.

These swag codes can generally be found on Twitter, on SwagBucks’ Facebook Fan Page, and on the other SwagBucks Links such as the blog or YouTube. The trick here is to use the Swidget  every two hours or so from 12:00pm PDT to 9pm PDT.

#3The third BEST way to gain SwagBucks is to use the Swagbucks search engine.

Winning from searching happens randomly. The trick here is to search regularly every hour or so. Most users use the swag search engine atleast once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and then maybe another at night time just before hitting the sack. Remember, if you win, you can get as much as 5 to 50 SwagBucks per win!




#4. The POLLS!

If your POLL question gets chosen, you will be rewarded with 100 SwagBucks! A trick here is to ask yourself: “What POLL QUESTIONS would I personally answer if I were to encounter one?”

#5. put up videos on YouTube

or market your referral links in the web. This tip is to maximize your chances of getting referrals. However, please ensure to avoid ‘over spamming’ your referral link as this may get your account banned. A trick that you can use to increase your video credibility is to upload unboxing videos of your prizes and indicate in your video that you have won these from SwagBucks. O fcourse, try not to forget to add your referral link in the description of your video.

#6. The SwagBucks Toolbar.

With this toolbar, you will have VERY easy access to your account and get shortcut buttons that can aid you in navigating through the SwagBucks site. You can also receive timely SwagCodes from the toolbar.

*** So how are YOU earning your Daily SwagBucks?
I would love here some of your very own tips and tricks. Feel free to share them by writing a comment in the box.

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Swagbucks Search and Win

Swagbucks is a website that rewards you for searching and doing other normal internet activities such as shopping. When you do these activities you are rewarded with points called swagbucks. When you have enough swagbucks to redeem a prize that you want, you go to the swag store and click Snag It.

I have been registered on Swagbucks for just under a year and in total have earned over £120 worth of Amazon Gift cards. Swagbucks can be redeemed for prizes in the Swagbucks store. Some prizes require more swagbucks than others. For 459 swagbucks you can get a $5 amazon gift card to spend on whatever you like on Amazon. This can easily be achieved in 1 month just by searching the web.

If you think this site sounds interesting and would like to sign up just click on this link:

Search & Win


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